Friday, October 17, 2008

*~*Halloween Picture Sharing*~*

Halloween is around the corner. We would like to take this chance to have a fun event - Halloween Picture Sharing.

Shiro started up by posting his picture first using Blingee to do up the image as his Mummy is not with him, therefore cant dress him up. But if you can, dress up your spitz and send us the picture or you may bling your pooches up too. We will post up the picture and arrange for a poll to vote for the best picture.

Participant #1: xShirox
xShirox Halloween

Participant #2: Miru
Happy wuffeery

Participant #3: Georgi

Participant #4: Mashiro
Happy Halloween

Participant #5: Snowy
Snowy Halloween

Participant #6: Lele

Participant #7: Baobei


valey said...

i didnt know spitz can be that scary.. haha good job everyone :D

*~*xMomoirox Wynterynaz*~* said...

Haha... hey are always too cute to be scary....

sHaN said...

Mashiro says that she'll be fair and NOT vote for herself hahahha! Though she thinks that she's not the scariest!!!